Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 20 Sep 2014, Actonians Netball Club C Team beat Ellejays

Our first win of the season was a very satisfying 34-11 versus Ellejays - hurray!! We started out a little bit cautiously, with brand new combos in shooting, mid-court and defence, winning Q1 6-5. A change in defence in Q2 (McMuttley...!) and everyone settling down and improving their timing for passes and movement saw us pull away 7-2, then build on that again in Q3 at 12-1 and Q4 at 9-3. We achieved a fantastic turnover rate of the opposition's centres and a high rate of conversion from our fabulous shooters, with Sara winning Team POM closely followed by "I haven't played Centre since I was 16" Marina. :-) The opposition failed to provide an Oppo POM as they were too busy stuffing themselves with 30 rounds of delicious sandwiches! Keano Senior made a cameo appearance to keep our club sub list ticking over nicely and show us that one game a day is not enough. ;-) Big thanks to Marina and Kelly for providing excellent post-match refreshments, and here's hoping that Dani and Ella have recovered from their respective migraine and ankle ding.

Actonians Netball Club C Team 34 - 11 Ellejays

Name Details
1 Sara Sullivan Internal POM
2 Kelly Muscat
3 Ella Kean
4 Marina Gordon
5 Danielle Tobin
6 Katia Oddi
7 Greta MacFarlane
8 Claire McNulty