Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 11 Sep 2014, Actonians Netball Club D lost to Brentford Night Owls

It was our first game of the season, it was a loss but the team fort hard and played really well together.
1st Quarter: - 8 to 6 our way
2nd Quarter- 12 to 13 their way
3rd Quarter - 16 to 18 their way
4th Quarter. - 19 to 23 their way
At training we need to work on moving forward onto the ball, getting in front of our players, we need to talk more on court and using the triangle at the circle.
Player of the Match from Opposition was equal Nicola & Lindy
Player of the Match from our team was
Well Done Girls.

Brentford Night Owls 23 - 19 Actonians Netball Club D

Name Details
1 Nicola Collins GK
2 Joanne Jones GD
3 Eilidh Dawson WD
4 Oonagh McHugh C
5 Josepine Gilbride WA
6 Lindy Harper GS