Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 22 Mar 2014, Actonians Netball Club D beat Osterley

We overcame a clumsy opposition (with a strong GA and Centre) and the handicap of only one umpire to win this match just before it started raining - yay! Dani extended her versatility to Centre and we had Viv (GD) and Julia (GK) of the C team kindly subbing for us. Q1 we won 9-5, Q2 10-4 (defence really kicking in from now on), Q3 11-3 and Q4 12-3, making the total 42-15. Greta, Viv and Sara were joint POMs and Viv was Oppo POM.

Osterley 15 - 42 Actonians Netball Club D

Name Details
1 Sara Sullivan Joint team POM
2 Greta MacFarlane Joint team POM
3 Josepine Gilbride
4 Danielle Tobin
5 Karla Barracks-Straughn
6 Vivienne Nweke Joint Team POM; oppo POM
7 Julia Cobb