Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 08 Mar 2014, Actonians Netball Club D lost to Brunel

Sad to say we lost by one point (again!) at Grasshoppers on Saturday, 30-31. We had help from two new Ruislip Roses ladies, Patsy (shooting) and Gemma (sub GK for a quarter). We won Q1 7-4, lost Q2 8-10, lost Q3 4-10 then won Q4 11-7. The opposition didn't have a WD so Jose was nice and free at WA, however we struggled in Q3 in particular getting the ball into the goal circle, missing a few shots (whereas the oppo shooters warmed into form) and making some passing errors that the opposition capitalised on. Patsy and I sorted ourselves out to make more space in the goal circle in Q4, everyone stepped up a level in intensity and we just needed one more minute to take the game, but it was not to be - sigh. Regardless, it was great that we all kept our heads up, tried new tactics and showed extra fighting spirit to end on a high.

Brunel 31 - 30 Actonians Netball Club D

Name Details
1 Greta MacFarlane Oppo POM
2 Josepine Gilbride
3 Oonagh McHugh
4 Danielle Tobin Team POM
5 Karla Barracks-Straughn
6 Eilidh Dawson