Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 01 Mar 2014, Actonians Netball Club D lost to Oxshott D

We had a full team for the first time in months, however no 'regular' circle defence and Greta and Amy were playing with injuries. Sara and Greta therefore started in an unfamiliar combo, and we rotated Amy, Oons and Jose in C/WA throughout the match - as well as moving Hannah from GK to GS (replaced at GK by Sara) at halftime.

We made too many of our own mistakes in attack (not particularly forced), and Oxshott uncharacteristically had TWO very tall, consistently accurate shooters, so they were able to capitalise on those mistakes.

We all played really well in terms of creating space, communicating, keeping calm and gelling with each other; it was mostly our passing that let us down (sometimes too weak, or the thrower didn't choose the best option, etc.). And our shooting went off the boil in Q3. Q scores were 8-16, 10-16, 4-15, 11-15.

Chloe was really chuffed at how well we played, having not seen us together for a long time.

Actonians Netball Club D 33 - 62 Oxshott D

Name Details
1 Greta MacFarlane
2 Sara Sullivan
3 Josepine Gilbride
4 Oonagh McHugh
5 Danielle Tobin
6 Karla Barracks-Straughn Oppo POM
7 Amy Gardner