Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 26 Jan 2014, Actonians Netball Club D lost to Fetcham Hawks

Greta had pulled a calf muscle, Oonagh had a bad back and Amy was pushing her recovering ankle. The weather was terrible so we were thrilled to find out on arrival that we could play indoors. However, the oppo umpire didn't arrive so the oppo coach stepped in, though she had a young team of 14-17 year olds to look after. This was a very challenging game with all the injury niggles and only one 'real' defender - Jo, who fell and badly sprained her ankle towards the end of Q2. With only 6 players we still managed to keep the scoreboard ticking over - heroic defence from Jose and Dani really stepping up for the team - and we reached over half the oppo score to make the day vaguely worthwhile.
Q1: 12-6
Q2: 13-7
Q3: 15-7
Q4: 13-9

Fetcham Hawks 53 - 29 Actonians Netball Club D

Name Details
1 Sara Sullivan
2 Greta MacFarlane
3 Oonagh McHugh
4 Amy Gardner Oppo POM
5 Josepine Gilbride
6 Danielle Tobin
7 Joanne Navin injured just before end of Q2