Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 18 Jan 2014, Actonians Netball Club D lost to Focus B

Got access to court about 15 mins before match due to flooded entrance. Short warm-up. External GK sub had wrong start time so arrived at half time. We used Oons at GA and Greta at GK until then. Lost first half 18-9, won second half 15-14. Excellent team attitude and support throughout. Oppo had returning shooter who was extremely accurate, otherwise just steady and average - slow GK with back to ball all the time.

Focus B 32 - 24 Actonians Netball Club D

Name Details
1 Sara Sullivan
2 Oonagh McHugh
3 Josepine Gilbride Joint team POM
4 Amy Gardner Joint team POM; Oppo POM
5 Danielle Tobin
6 Karla Barracks-Straughn Joint team POM
7 Greta MacFarlane