Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 28 Sep 2013, Actonians Netball Club A Team lost to Oakwood A

We knew that Oakwood were a tall and physical team and we went out ready for the fight. Lucie and Zoe worked like a dream in the circle, one staying post-side and the other picking off floating balls around the edge of the circle. Sarah, Charlie and Metra brought the ball up through mid-court, and Claire and Yolanda worked perfectly together to score goals (whilst taking hits from the opposition every time they caught the ball).

A new defensive tactic was trialled, with GS, GA and WA setting up in a triangle and C, WD and GD forming a line barrier. This worked well and forced loopy balls and errors.

Moving forward, we will continue to work on utilising the central channel and keeping our passes flat, fast and strong.

Huge thanks to Lucie and Jamie; we couldn't played the match without you x

Oakwood A 37 - 21 Actonians Netball Club A Team

Name Details
1 Yolanda Szwedowska
2 Claire Kean
3 Metra Karim POMI
4 Charlotte Fenton
5 Sarah Thwaites POMO
6 Zoe Brady
7 Lucie Newman