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Match Report

Match Report - 05 Oct 2013, Actonians Netball Club A Team beat Walton & Hersham A

Well what can I say about the game...we had a flying start thanks to Metra booking a flight back early, held it together with a little bit of help from the spanx and really showed through determination our alienate and destroy attitude we could do it and do it in style(even if the dresses are a little short hey Fenton)

In the first quarter we were finding our feet and getting used to the different combinations. The defence were excellent at making clean interceptions, but we were a bit static when we had the turnover and needed to drive more towards the ball/player. This was also the case in the circle. I know for sure I need to adapt to the game quicker to ensure there is enough movement in the circle if the holding game isn't working. However we took the lead with Martine shooting beautifully and we were all hungry for more!

In the second quarter we settled into the game much quicker. Chloe was directing us to drive and use the middle channels. There were also times when the first ball was on, i think we need to trust ourselves and our team mates that this is a good option.

The attack and defence went into overdrive and we started to break away even though it always felt close(weird?!)

As with the previous two games I think our third quarter seemed to be our strongest as we started to become aware each other's space. Charlie was excellent at driving forward as was Metra who cleared out and drove back in to give space to the defence. This then meant Keano could push forward and send those direct balls into the circle....lovely!

The fourth quarter was a dream and the defence were unstoppable. To only allow 3 goals in is what England dream of. Big up to Zoe and Jen! Overall a great team effort. Well done A Team.

Things to work on..
We need to trust each more. If the first ball is on...send it. It's quite clear that after two quarters we feel settled but we need to be on it from the start. Maybe more match play at training to get used to combinations. Also use the middle channel, for me I know not be so static unless holding is working and we need to use hard and fast loopy balls. One thing that doesn't need to be worked on however are the sandwiches. Thanks Keano they were delicious!

Actonians Netball Club A Team 48 - 21 Walton & Hersham A

Name Details
1 Yolanda Szwedowska POMO
2 Martine Smith
3 Metra Karim
4 Claire Kean POMI
5 Charlotte Fenton
6 Zoe Brady
7 Jennifer Duckworth POMI