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Match Report

Match Report - 21 Sep 2013, Actonians Netball Club A Team beat Whitton B

First match of the season. We took the court psyched up and raring to go. Strong start with drive, energy, but careful and patient play. We used our recent training lessons well, employing front cutting our players and feeding back where necessary to good effect. Lou and Zoe in defence were always free which really helped this tactic. This, together with brilliant shooting, meant we converted our centre passes, and our turnovers with ease.

Our defensive centres worked very well, with Lou in WD and Charlie in C working tirelessly as a unit to limit Whitton’s option.

Their GK was tall, but Yo was able to hold her space easily, or offer the front option if she preferred. The GD read the ball well (when we chose to send a dodgy, loopy pass!) However, they kept double marking Yo which left Martine/Claire loads of space in a play-maker role to drive into the central channel. (Also, our GAs happen to be fairly handy shooters too!)

The WA always looked for the long ball in, wanting the GS to run out for the lob into the corner, but this was easy to read and pick off, and soon she was hesitating to send this ball. On reflection, we could have done more with this. GK could have stayed back at the post and called WD or GD onto this ball to intercept once the WA had committed to the pass.

Their GA was a nice player, lovely shooting action, lots of running with youth on her side. She tried hard to tire Zoe out, but Brady’s fitness triumphed.

Zoning in the D worked well, one defender taking the post area, the other working the outside. Next time, we could try to hunt the long ball across the D, as well as keep an eye on the shooters.

All in all, a fabulous first match. Hard work, flair and a great team spirit. Sterling work A team!

Things to work on:

Remember NO LOOPY PASSES especially when tired. They just make the opposition look better than they actually are!

Tighten up our final quarter – whether it was fatigue/apathy/lack of concentration, “It wasn’t too pretty”, to quote Chloe.

Use the central channel more. We still have strong tendency to drive out to the sides of the court, rather than double back into the space in the central channel for the shortest, fasted route to goal. This is a habitual I think, we do it without really thinking, difficult, but we need to try and break it!

GK/GD to practice hunting the long balls across the D.

Actonians Netball Club A Team 53 - 34 Whitton B

Name Details
1 Yolanda Szwedowska
2 Martine Smith POMO
3 Claire Kean
4 Sarah Thwaites
5 Charlotte Fenton
6 Louise Johnson
7 Zoe Brady
8 Jennifer Duckworth POMO, POMI, POMC, Match Report
9 Sophia Antoniou