Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 28 Sep 2013, Actonians Netball Club Reds lost to Academy

D – Driving ball side made the difference when we brought the ball down the caught. When we got ball side we were able to confidently get the ball into a shooting position.
E – Every member of the team was positive on court and supported each other. We played hard until the final whistle
T – Timing on the ball. We need to adjust and ensure we are offering for the ball at the right time and when we are too early we reoffer
E – Everytime we got our hands up and pressured the ball into the circle it made the pass less confident and more interceptable.
R – Realising that the central channel is the safest route. If we get pushed out to the side we make life hard for ourselves. Cut back and keep the ball safe.
M – Making silly mistakes. Too many calls on breaking the line, footwork and distance. We need to adjust faster.
I – into the circle…go Rhonda go wack that ball to the shooters!
N – new ideas for attacking centres…lets discuss this on Wednesday?
A – A very strong defence! Well played Zoe, Rhonsta and Steph (we will forget about that advanced penalty into the circle!)
T – terrorising the WA. S Justin gets in her grill and works tirelessly to keep her off circle edge.
I – incredible effort throughout the match, well done girls!
O – On the defence when the ball was turned over, could this have been faster?
N – nice use of pendulum at several points in the game to reset and get the goal in a calm fashion!

Academy 0 - 0 Actonians Netball Club Reds

Name Details
1 Zoe Brady
2 Rhonda Sturley
3 Steph Justin
4 Nykesha Lewinson
5 Nicola Brooks
6 Claire Hall
7 Chloe Culpan
8 Louise Shelton