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Match Report - 27 Oct 2012, Actonians Netball Club A Team lost to Oakwood A

A game played in difficult conditions, strong gusting winds and a tough opposition holding joint first place with us before the game.

As this has been quoted by our Captain, I would like to reiterate it was a game of two halves but I would rather not quote verbatim what our coach said to Duncan when he asked how we were doing as he arrived just before the end of the second half, but suffice to say there was an ‘f’ in there, a ‘c’ a ‘k’ and the word rubbish!

We struggled to adapt to the conditions and were not driving forward for the ball, passing was weak and there were several unforced errors, footwork, offside, giving away the ball too easily after intercepts etc.

Kath gave us a shake up at half time and Lisa coming on at centre helped us instigate some much needed changes. We fought more for the ball and created space and then drove forward for the ball. There was some excellent movement down court and the feeding in to the shooters worked really well and enabled them to be better placed for taking the shots which increased the success rate markedly.

At the end of Q3, Lisa kindly returned to scoring but with our much needed boost of confidence, plus Kath’s encouragement to fight for everything and make those rebounds ours at both ends we went into the final quarter fighting hard with a strong PMA and finished with a very respectable more than half score.

We really need to focus on Kath’s advice at the end of the game, not only did she say very well done in stark contrast to her early surmising, but she said that if we go out at the start of every match, like we finished that match it would be very unlikely that any team would beat us easily. This is a great positive for our team, so well done everyone who played, and scored and particularly Lisa who played so well and took such a crashing fall and got up and carried on.

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Quote of the Day:
You can’t have a rainbow without rain. Anon:

Laugh of the Day:

That rather than being kitted out for a match two minutes before the off, the thought that a team member would be dressed for Arctic conditions, sitting on the side lines pouring coffee out of a flask in a leisurely fashion - thank you Caz!

Things to work on in training:
a) Adapting quickly to different weather conditions
b) Driving out and creating space and then driving in for the ball.
c) Strong passing
Captain’s note – key players in opposition team:
GD (tall blonde) lots of intercepts in first quarter, reads play well and drives in – got injured in first half this game otherwise would have been a real problem
WA – main feeder

Oakwood A 33 - 18 Actonians Netball Club A Team

Name Details
1 Caroline Bond
2 Claire Kean
3 Metra Karim
4 Sarah Thwaites
5 Elaine Cooney POMI
6 Cathy Haynes POMO
7 Zoe Brady
8 Lisa Holewik Reserve 3rd quarter
9 A.N. Other
10 A.N. Other
11 A.N. Other