Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 29 Sep 2012, Actonians Netball Club A Team beat Minchenden B

Michenden B seemed to be a mixed team. Some good strength in defence – fit GD who was the main ball carrier and dynamic WD (we gave her POMO) WD managed to pick off a lot of balls. Their main GK was tall and had a good stretch for defending shots, but when moved to GD was slow and easy to lose.
Their attacking end was predictable, weaker GA only seemed to have one trick – receiving the ball on the circle edge and popping to the GS – who took about 90% of the shots. There were a lot of loose ball played around their attacking third.

From last week – circle feeds/triangles were much better and we did remain more calm making less errors.

Things to work on in training this week:

Vision – Widening our vision, rather than just looking for the front ball, would allow us to always make the best choice. Perhaps some ‘umpiring vision exercises’ might help with this. There were occasions on court where there were better options but we weren’t seeing them.

Defence – more defence in our attacking third and centre third to pressure the opposition’s play and increase earlier turnovers. Also, being braver and going for more balls rather than sticking on our opponents – when we did do this, it paid off – but even when we don’t get the ball, it still unnerves the opposition.

Passing – although we all deliver nice strong/correct passes in training – we need to bring them to match play – still some loopy, interceptable balls being given.

Minchenden B 30 - 42 Actonians Netball Club A Team

Name Details
1 Caroline Bond 71% shooting
2 Claire Kean POMO. 58% shooting
3 Metra Karim
4 Sarah Thwaites
5 Issy Neal-Hooke
6 Lucie Newman POMI
7 Cathy Haynes
8 Danielle Noonan
9 A.N. Other
10 A.N. Other
11 A.N. Other