Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 22 Sep 2012, Actonians Netball Club A Team lost to Karisma A

Newly promoted from Division 4, I suspect this team are working their way up. Whilst their style wasn’t particularly exciting, they were calm and steady and worked the ball well into the circle. Their turnovers appeared to be more from our errors than from electric interceptions. Errors were normally down to disorganization around the centre third as we brought the ball into the shooting third.
Their fitness was good which I think was the main reason for their consistency as we entered the 3rd and 4th quarters.

(Additional note from Captain - their circle players were particularly strong, with tall defenders, and accurate shooters (from anywhere) who moved well - GA was a key player and our POMO)

Actonians Netball Club A Team 23 - 38 Karisma A

Name Details
1 Caroline Bond 61% shooting
2 Claire Kean POMO. 39% shooting
3 Metra Karim
4 Sarah Thwaites
5 Issy Neal-Hooke
6 Lucie Newman
7 Zoe Brady Joint POMI
8 Danielle Noonan
9 Elaine Cooney Joint POMI
10 A.N. Other
11 A.N. Other