Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 15 Sep 2012, Actonians Netball Club A Team beat Grasshoppers A

We voted their C/WA POM – they also had strong defence, able to pick off our feeding if too weak or 50/50 balls.
Not the strongest Grasshoppers team so can’t be complacent next time. GS also went off injured in 1st quarter. GSs both liked holding for overheads but with pressure from all defence the accuracy was weak. GA not a strong shooter.
We generally wore them down by going for everything and must do this again next time!

Things to work on in training this week:
-accurate feeding into circle
-accuracy (feeding and general passing) when under pressure/ tired
-defence bringing the ball up the court

Grasshoppers A 16 - 27 Actonians Netball Club A Team

Name Details
1 Elaine Cooney POMO
2 Sarah Thwaites POMI
3 A.N. Other
4 A.N. Other
5 A.N. Other
6 A.N. Other
7 A.N. Other
8 A.N. Other
9 A.N. Other
10 A.N. Other
11 A.N. Other