Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 09 Feb 2013, Actonians Netball Club Reds beat Hyde Park A

First half - exerted pressure on the opposition moved the ball around and kept them guessing.

Second half the pace slowed and we almost let them back in the game. After a bit of re-grouping we came back and ended the game with just a loss of 2 goals in 3rd Q and a draw in the 4th.

A game where everyone dug in deep and worked for the win in the first half but maintained the led through the 2nd.

Hyde Park A 25 - 35 Actonians Netball Club Reds

Name Details
1 Louise Shelton
2 Chloe Culpan
3 Nicola Brooks
4 Charlotte Fenton
5 Louise Johnson
6 Annie Locke Joint POM
7 Steph Justin Joint POM
8 Claire Hall
9 Martine Smith
10 Sarah Thwaites
11 A.N. Other
12 A.N. Other