Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 11 Mar 2013, Actonians Netball Club Reds beat Claygate

:D - what a way to win against this team for the first time :D :D :D

Claygate 36 - 51 Actonians Netball Club Reds

Name Details
1 Louise Shelton GS
2 Chloe Culpan GA
3 Claire Hall WA, off, off, WA
4 Charlotte Fenton C, C, C, off
5 Louise Johnson WD, WD, Scorer, scorer
6 Steph Justin GD
7 Annie Locke GK, GK, WD, WD
8 Rhonda Sturley Scorer x2, GK, GK
9 Nicola Brooks Off, WA. WA, C
10 A.N. Other
11 A.N. Other
12 A.N. Other