Actonians Netball Club

Match Report

Match Report - 05 Jan 2013, Actonians Netball Club Reds lost to Academy

This game was one that was always going to be a big challenge with Academy boasting players from International, Super league, National and Regional level; but if we want to play Regional we had to take the game to Academy from the first whistle.

The girls did just that turning Academy's 1st centre into a goal for us. The 1st Quarter remained nip and tuck resulting in a 7-8 scoreline.

The 2Q the girls were reminded to stay in control and not try and play to the same speed as Academy. There were quite a few unforced errors that gave the opposition opportunity to take a 17-14 lead at the end of the first half.
(goals scored 10-6)

Q3 - despite having a 3 goal deficit at the end of the 2nd Q - it only served to motivate the team. Having made a few changes the fresh legs came out and surprised the opposition drawing level within the first 5 mins of the Q. Again a few silly errors crept in and Academy were able to capitalise on this resulting in a 27-20 scoreline. (goals scored 10-6)

Q4 - with everything to play for and reminders to drive back onto the ball, create space and move back towards the ball and to challenge every pass when defending being screamed from the bench the low scoreline shows just how tough the game was final result 33 - 25 (goals scored 6-5).

Things to take away:
When defending man-on-man defence stick closer to your player and challenge every ball they receive
Don't force passes and pass selection is critical
Create space and drive back towards the ball
Play smart and eliminate errors.....

All in all a great game!

Academy 33 - 25 Actonians Netball Club Reds

Name Details
1 Louise Shelton GS
2 Martine Smith 1st half GA
3 Claire Hall WA/OFF/WA/OFF
4 Nicola Brooks C/WA/C/WA
5 Sarah Thwaites 1st half WD
6 Steph Justin GD/GD/OFF/GD - Joint POM
7 Annie Locke GK/GK/GD/OFF
8 Helen Louwrens 2nd half GK
9 Louise Johnson 2nd half WD
10 Charlotte Fenton OFF/C/OFF/C
11 Chloe Culpan 2nd half GA - Joint POM
12 A.N. Other